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Breeders & pets professionals

Do you want to highlight your activity or your products for pets?

Present your activity with professional photos: veterinarians, therapists for animals, breeders …

Your activity with pets

Do you work with pets? Do you sell specific products for them? Whether you are therapists, veterinarians, educators … Promote your business professionally. Your photos must highlight your passion for what you do, your love of animals, your products and your business. Your photographs must be your image to present you on the web, at a fair or through your brochures.

Photographie chien papillon élevage fribourg

Breeders: stallions and lices

As a breeder you want to highlight your lices and stallions. Static, portraits, … highlight the beauty of your breeding with photography. I propose a special package for breeders. It’s also possible to take pictures of your litters of puppies for a unique memory for you and the future owners.

Your product for pets

You have created or resold products for animals? Promote them with professional photographs. Products for dogs, horses, cats … I look forward to discovering your creations.

Manteau anti-inflammatoire pour chien

Your pet professional website

You would like to present your business and get new customers through the web. Apart from photography, I am also webdesigner and specialized in web visibility. After working for several years in a web agency, I now work 100% in the web and photography. It would be a great pleasure for me to be able to realize your site in relation with animals. For any realization of site, I offer you 6 professional photos.

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