Book a photo session of your lovely pet. Rate & Details


A unique memory of your pet

Offer a pet photo session.
A nonesuch memory of the pet and the love with his owner.

Each photo is worked to highlight the beauty of each pet, its unique side, its attitudes and the relationship that binds it to its owner. The photos are given in professional quality and can then be printed in pictures, greeting cards or provided directly in a photo book (PASSION shooting).

All pet can have a photo shoot regardless of their age or breed.
The shooting is adapted to each pet.
Gift card from CHF 80.-

Offer a photo shoot is a way to offer a unique memory to a person who loves his pet.
An original idea full of magic for the person to whom it is offered ♥

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at celine@doglight.ch

Golden retriever fleurs roses

Magnifique Shih Tzu modèle shooting photo Suisse

Croisé chien de chasse, 13 ans

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