Do you have a puppy or are you going to have one? So be careful, photos of this puppy are sooo cute 🙂 I present you some pictures of Ollie, a beautiful 5-month-old Basset. I love the innocence of puppies !

If you also have a puppy, maybe you think it will be impossible to have a photo session with him because he moves around and just thinks about having fun. Don’t worry about it, they are ALL the same:) In fact, it is also this innocence who is too cute to photograph, and also their wish to discover the world. Puppies are really growing too fast. From one week to the next they are no longer the same, so if you want pictures of him, think about booking a photo session early enough.

Portrait photo session with Ollie, 5-month-old Basset puppy

Photo Basset chiot 5 mois

Basset oreille tombante sur arbre

It’s comfortable here:)

Basset en mouvement
But it looks really interesting down there;)

Photo portrait Basset Suisse à côté de Genève

A pretty portrait – Ollie, Basset 5 months

Basset et son maître à Nyon, région Genève

A beautiful family photo